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The City of Kabbalah

Safed has always been an important city for the Jewish people and is considered the most mystical city in all of Israel. It is also known throughout the world as the City of Kabbalah. The old city streets and houses are steeped in Kabbalistic influence – the doors and windows are painted blue, in mystical symbolism, to confuse evil spirits. Along with the devout Kabbalists in the Old City, artists  have settled in Safed, creating an extraordinary Artists’ Quarter.

The famous Artists’ Quarter in the Old City of Safed (pronounced “Tzfat” by the locals) is one of the many treasures belonging to the Upper Galilee. The rich history, holy importance and buzzing art industry makes the Artists’ Quarter a must-see when photographing in Israel. The narrow, winding stone streets and the sturdy stone buildings date back to Safed’s restoration in the 16th century. Today, the streets are lined with collective and private art galleries and workshops featuring oil and watercolor paintings, silverwork, jewelry, glass work, weaving and artistic Judaica.

Safed is geographically, the highest city in the Holy Land. Set in the dense pine forests of the Upper Galilee, overlooking Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, Safed is a delicious blend of ancient grandeur and modern-day resort.

Picturesque landscapes combined with ancient, narrow cobblestone alleys are a must to be captured from behind the lens.

TOUR DURATION Full day tour.
LOCATION Upper Galilee.
GROUP SIZE 3 – 7 participants.
EXPERIENCE / DIFFICULTY Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro photographers.
TRAVEL by car or van for 7 people.
WEATHER From March to October 23-40 degrees. November to February 10-20 degrees.
Light refreshment in the outdoors Lunch
(Non-photographers are most welcome)


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